Suggested donation: $25.00

Minimum donation: $10.00



Want to help support The Marshall Mandolin Summit?

Each year we try to provide an opportunity for young players, local musicians and others around our community to get involved during the Mando Summit weekend. Your generous support will help us in these important areas.

  • Inviting young musicians from the local school district to take up the mandolin. This includes private lessons in advance of the Summit and the Northfield Company providing instruments for the program
  • We provide a few scholarships each year to a few select talented young mandolinists across the country who cannot afford to attend our event.
  • A free to the public concert on Sunday afternoon including conductor, hall rental, musicians costs and printing and digital materials.

Every year our costs to run the event go up. Your donation will help us tremendously. We aim to provide an unforgettable experience full of playing and learning. A time for sharing and laughter…and all of it just 40 miles down the road from the birthplace of the modern-day mandolin.

Thanks very much for considering.